Our vision was to create high quality products using the most advanced scientific tools, applying them to the unique climate, found in southern Spain and the availability of an abundant , motivated and qualified labor force. We spent time, financial resources and specially, the talent of our best team, to innovate. Our task is to surprise, consumers, offering them new fruits with different flavors and a higher nutritional content. These new products would be fresh tools, for supermarkets, to seduce, their clients.
Combining these three factors (science, climate and work) was the key to success and expansion of Royal. This accurate vision allowed, positioning us, as a leader in its business segment. We would like, that enjoying Royal would be, the gateway, to a more enjoyable, way of life, combining pleasure of the senses with health and nutrition.
This mission is achieved by a strong varietal and technological innovation, careful attention to every process, and a strict management system.