Corporate Social Responsability

The original Royal company project has, in its DNA, a strong social responsibility, a deep respect for nature and a powerful structuring values.

These three fundamental pillars are audited. The BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) is the most demanding international guideline of corporate social responsibility, and recognised by WWF and Intermon Oxfam.

The overall objective is to legate to our grandchildren the wonderful world left to us by our ancestors.


Schools in Morocco  

Since 2011



We renovate and improve the facilities of existing public primary schools.



We improve the training, the motivation and the self-esteem of the teachers in public schools. For the benefit of the public students in the areas involved.



By building the self-esteem and improving the training of the teachers, we see remarkable progress from all the public school students in these areas.

Our Program

Once we have changed the physical environment of the schools and improved the intellectual preparation of the teachers, we dedicate ourselves to a specific endeavour with the children of our workers:

  • We pick up every single one of the 460 children of our workforce 3 times a week from home.
  • We offer them specific personalised training schemes.
  • From the first year 90% of our primary school students (6/12 years old) know how to read and write in Arabic and French and have a basic grasp of maths.
  • This is a very commendable effort when a proportion of our female workforce is illiterate, and some ignore the good use of numbers.
  • With these social actions we develop self-esteem and the empowerment of the mothers (proud of the progress of their offspring).
  • In this way, we are transforming the back bone, which is the women and the mothers, of this society the protagonists of their own life.
  • We are grateful to the enormous generosity of the Albert Heijn Foundation, a key participant in this social transformation.
  • Via the understanding and generosity of the human soul, wonderful progresses is shared.

Colegios de la fundación en Marruecos