Sustainability and Environment

Sustainable production

In agreement with the Royal’s values, the objective is to legate, magnify and uphold our natural heritage, ecological values as well as human.

We must use, with care, humility, respect and meticulousness, the natural assets placed at our disposal.


The exponential evolution of science, technology and computer science, have revolutionised the concept of the use of natural assets.

These factors, far from accelerating the destruction of nature, have to be precious tools to enlarge our legacy.

The care, the respect and praise of the self-esteem of the human team is essencial to the vision of creating life enjoyment and values.

Jobs, economic and cultural resources are parallel to the strengthening of ecological values.

People’s lives will only be improved if we improve our ecological heritage.

Improving Natural Resources

Optimización de recursos naturales

Increase the respectful use of soil, enriching it by reviving micro and macro flora, while also respecting animal life.

Optimización de recursos naturales

Reduced use of water resources. Again, technology provides us with powerful tools. We have reduced the consumption of water and chemicals by 30%.

Optimización de recursos naturales

We work side by side with nature (bees and other insects), in order to minimize and/or exclude the use of chemicals with biological procedures.