Research and Development

We have spent 40 years developing new varieties of stone fruits and berries at all times to offer the best possible taste experience. It all started with a close collaboration with the University of Florida and U.S. private breeders: Zaiger's Genetics and Bradford Farms.

It is a story of passionate people of the fruits, by their office, eager for everyone to enjoy eating fruits, developing consumption as beneficial to health. Create a new variety are at least ten years from the time that pollinate flowers (as they would the bees but choosing the parents) until the fruits are at their table. But in turn have used parental history and years of work...


In the case of the University of Florida are now three or four generations of breeders from pioneer Ralph Sharpe peach varieties of little rest in the 50's, to Wayne Sherman passionate about improving the quality and taste of his peaches, followed by Jose Chaparro, like many of the alumni of Wayne has inherited her passion and dedication adding their creativity. Wayne Ralph and blueberries adapted to the peculiar conditions of Florida using indigenous wildlife. Paul Lyrene with a mind inside a whole industry developed around the blueberry in record time. James Olmstead has now taken over.

Floyd Zaiger improved varieties in California, home of Luther Burbank varietal creation since the end of the nineteenth century. Still active and creative in its 85 years has been accompanied throughout his life for his wife Betty, their children then joined Leith, Grant and Gary and now their grandchildren. They were the creators of the excellent modern and interspecific Pluots (repeated crossing plums with apricots) or recognized varieties such as Big Top has set a new goal for quality. Floyd learned his trade with the father of nectarines, Fred Anderson, to top 50.


At that time already working with Fred Norman Bradford would stay with the program for improvement, developing varieties of nectarines modern reference, particularly for white meat. Norman had the mentality of farmers in the noble sense of the word, he liked well done with good taste, we spent all the time. 25 years ago his son Glen Bradford took the baton keeping this requirement in terms of eating quality, developing interspecific series throughout the summer. In recent years his son has joined Jon Quisenberry.

Today we are working with them proof of the commitment of Royal always improve quality of their products. We have also expanded our collaborations with other researchers in Europe and throughout the world while maintaining the same philosophy.


When offering a new variety are very aware of the amount of talent and effort that was needed to improve what already exists. We know that genetics does as he likes to remind Wayne and that the next will be even more tasty varieties. But as farmers that we know very well our limits. When nature sends final and although we have a "terroir" and privileged climate (in May and it is summer in Seville is cut the wheat!) Is known to depend on many factors to succeed in expressing the potential taste of our fruits.

We also know that each customer has a different taste that is difficult to meet but we are making progress. When we are happy and if it is still one more child. I hope that memory will stay with taste and the desire to fully enjoy the Mediterranean culture!

Jean-Clément Marcaillou

Director I+D