The flavour and innovation are the motivation engines of the company.

Historicly we wished to bring to South of Spain exceptional fruits, using the most scientific tools, sharing an amazing climate, and with a perfectionis human team.

This obsesive project, has brought a unique company, joining three fundamentals: Science, climate and dedication.
Bringing the paradigm of our time: Life, health, respect about of the enviorement and social commiment.

From the beginning Royal positioned themselves as an innovative project. In the seventies, we signed exclusive contracts and agreements with the world leaders in genetic research, both in North American universities, like the ones in California and Florida, and in prestigious private organisations like Zaiger and Bradford Genetics.

This scheme started in stone fruits (nectarine, peach, apricot, plum and Pluot), then ir was applied to white asparagus, and finally in berries (strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries). The scenes were changing and the company evolved to maintain its position of continuous leadership.

  • 1962 Creation of Rusticas del Guadalquivir
  • 1975 Start research work into stone fruits.
  • 1985 Creation of Royal (Rusticas del Guadalquivir+Alia+Sevifruit)
  • 1987 Start farming Asparagus.
  • 1990 Royal increases its production of asparagus and fruit
  • 1993 Opening in Olivenza (Extremadura, Hacienda Murillo, Stone Fruits and Asparagus).
  • 1997 Opening in Guareña (Extremadura, Asparagus and later Pluots).
  • 2002 Production of hydropoponic strawberries and raspberries in Portugal.
  • 2003 Incorporation of three agricultural leaders in strawberries.
  • 2008 Start of farming of blueberries in Kenitra (Morocco).