The primary objective of ROYAL is to obtain high quality fruits, tasty and healthy for the consumer, through the use of respectful cultivation practices with workers and the environment.



Our production and handling of our fruits are based on the general principles of Good Agricultural Practices (Good Agricultural Practice), Integrated Production, Sustainable Development Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) and Good Handling Practices and Hygiene (BPMH). Proof of this are the certificates obtained with the different national and international protocols for quality are: INTEGRATED PRODUCTION, GLOBAL-GAP, TESCO NURTURE, FIELD TO FORK, LEAF, BRC, IFS, SEDEX and BSCI. Obtaining these certifications is the result of our internal control processes tested through more than 40 external audits and internal audits not less.



Since its inception ROYAL has been optimized their production and handling processes to incorporate new techniques of cultivation, preparation, organization and management fully computerized and designed by its own technicians, which enable real-time monitoring of the quality of the various tasks. These controls are supported for efficient traceability system that ensures the identification and information regarding any lot produced.

Food Safety

Ensuring food security for all our fruits, ie, a good sound, fair trade and compliance with national and international legislation in relation to health and product quality. ROYAL To achieve this goal has led an ambitious policy of minimizing pesticide and fertilizer and justified these being adjusted based on data obtained from daily checks on the environmental conditions and physiological state, plant protection and plant nutrition. We have been increasingly prioritizing the use of biological control techniques and the use of pesticides and natural fertilizers, no chemicals, thus allowing the fruit harvested display a level of waste is always below the MRL (Maximum Residue Limit) and a very important part of the production reaches the markets with "residue 0." All our fruits are subjected to a thorough control of waste by analyzing each homogeneous unit of culture (UHC) before commercial distribution..


Our Quality Team is concerned with the needs of our consumers and customers looking for the best results by working closely with industry professionals. Also analyze and solve non-conforming product claims and incidents, establishing appropriate corrective actions are few, encouraging any preventive action and following internal audit program aimed at continuously improving the elements of System Quality Management.

Health and Safety Conditions of Work

Special attention is our commitment to health and safety conditions of work, for what has a workplace risk assessment in every workplace. Respect in any case, the labor laws of each region or country and the requirements for our working conditions and promote socially acceptable economic and social development in rural areas where we produce. It maintains a staff training program, with own or external resources to improve knowledge and skills in the environment of your workplace.
ROYAL guarantee the quality of its products supplied for this purpose all necessary human and material resources.